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With personalized coaching sessions with Cher’Ron, you will learn to know the value you place on yourself. You will learn how to remove negative self-talk from your vocabulary, and you will learn how to persevere through the tough times.

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Cher'Ron LaFleur

As a licensed stylist for nearly two-decade, Cher’Ron LaFleur was dedicated to giving her clients confidence in themselves. While there is plenty of information available online on gaining confidence, the typical step-by-step information does not work for all people. Working with a coach, you will get assistance tailored to your specific unique business.

Cher’Ron has been through her own journey to grow confidence and focus on herself. She is now taking the skills she has learned from being a successful business owner and her journey on a new mission as a confidence coach. She began the journey to become a confidence coach in 2021, the Year of Change. Her intuitive coaching method focuses on establishing value systems, breaking bad habits, persevering, self-love, and creating boundaries.


"Confidence is key."

Cher’Ron worked in the financial sector for several years before attending cosmetology school, finishing as a Master Cosmetologist. Her clientele grew quickly, and she poured confidence into each of her clients. Her clients were drawn to her because of her understanding of the journey they were on.

She built a thriving cosmetology business from the ground up, creating the foundation and avenues to educate women on building self-confidence and moving forward in their lives. In church, she created retreats and events for women allowing them to invest in themselves.


What’s my SuperPower Retreat?

This retreat will identify your core strengths and get you over the fear of not making things happen. This retreat will uplift and inspire you to continue to move into the place you are proposed to be. It will push you to another level of expectation to pursue excellence, creating drive and ambition in your soul mission.
It starts with me!
This retreat will help you identify how to treat yourself better, discover your value system and create healthy boundaries that will transcend over time. You will learn to take necessary steps of improvement in being the best at being you so that you will be able to progress towards your happiness in living a fun-filled, joyous life.


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Coach Cher’Ron understands not every strategy and plan applies to every situation. She provides personalized coaching. She is flexible to work with her client’s schedule and goes the extra mile to help her clients meets their goals.

With personalized coaching sessions with Cher’Ron, you will learn to know the value you place on yourself. You will learn how to remove negative self-talk from your vocabulary, and you will learn how to persevere through the tough times.

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Cher’Ron’s One-to-one personal coaching sessions can lead to a positive transformation in every area of your life. Her personal coaching techniques can help with a range of issues stemming from self doubt, fear and negative self talk. Cher’Ron’s proven strategies will assist you to build up particular skill-sets like assertiveness to achieve greater clarity and contentment in your life.

Coaching with Cher’Ron can help you regain passion and enthusiasm for your life and inspire you to take action towards what you really want to do in a safe, non-judgmental, confidential and empowering environment. Whatever your goals, together we will look at what is holding you back and take it from there. A few sessions with Cher’Ron can make a positive impact in your life.

Cher’Ron’s group coaching sessions will build each person individually and collectively to  increase their confidence. The group coaching sessions provide a loving, non-judgemental environment that offers support in every area so that confidence is the foundation from which all achievement,  success and happiness is built upon.  

Cher’Ron will help you get clear on what you want and will support you with the best proven confidence tips, tricks and techniques! She will make sure you take action  and be there to guide you when you feel that you are off track.Together, we will push through ALL your boundaries, we’ll get you out of your comfort zone and have you smashing your goals in no time.

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Cher’Ron’s one to one intuitive coaching will help you to get clear on your desires, blocks and obstacles so that you’re able move towards your desired lifestyle. Cher’Ron will help you to get closer to your dreams, goals, and desires by relying on your instinct by crushing self doubt and negative self talk. She will get  you there with dedication, accountability, self work while gaining clarity to move past limiting beliefs.

Cher’Ron’s group intuitive coaching session will help you to find your purpose collectively. You will gain clarity in order to heal from your past through a loving environment that gives support in a non judgmental way. This group will be taught how to implement their intuitive strengths to improve the quality of life by listening to your internal guidance system. With Cher’Ron’s assistance you will retrain your mindset, your habits, and release blocks in many physical and energetic areas of life.

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